A Career in Holistic or Massage Therapies?
Learn to Heal, From the Inside, Out.
We offer introductory workshops and certification programs for YOU!
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Making a difference!
Gaining experience through giving while healing our community.

We offer students CLINIC LEVEL, where students are giving full evaluations and hands on therapy sessions while being supervised by the teacher.
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Massage Therapist Certification and Holistic Health Education

Ecole Setsuko is a holistic health education school that offers both workshops for general interest and full certification programs in the field of natural therapy, massage therapy, acupressure and energy work. Located in Montreal, Quebec for our on-site teaching clinics and in person training, while students abroad can access our remote online platforms and receive virtual support.

Woman applying acupressure to another woman lying on a mat on the floor


Our most popular diploma programs are in massage therapy, acupressure, and naturopathy.

Man being massaged on a massage table


Chinese Energetic Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Sound Therapy, Craniosacral, Herbology, Deep Tissue , Acupressure, Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, and Reflexology.

mannequin with acupressure points and meridians


At Ecole Setsuko we offer courses and programs for anyone or everyone who seeks balance, self awareness and is keen on the healing arts. Talk with a career counselor.

Holistic Therapies that Heal, from the inside, out.


Choose a Fulfilling Career in Holistic Therapies

Diplomas, Certificates

Students will receive certificates of completion for each workshop taken.

Diplomas are offered to those who sign up for the program and meet the requirements of Quebec professional associations.

Accreditation & Recognition

We are recognized by many professional associations in Quebec.

It is up to the student to choose an appropriate association and register with them in order to give insurance receipts and have professional liability coverage.