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supervised student clinic


$30 per session - given by student,
supervised by teacher Marjorie Silcolff.


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What can Acupressure help?

Any imbalances that lead to;

·         Physical pain

·         Digestive disorders

·         Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia

·         Migraines

·         PMS, Fertility issues, Menopause

·         Spiritual and emotional unrest

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Sound Therapy Level 1

Sound Therapy Level 1

This is a three level intensive program working with Musical Tuning forks – aluminum and stainless steel. Light, color and sound are partners within the hierarchy of the creative process. Harmonic sound, both audible and vibrational can locate and resolve energetic disharmony. This modality supports balance and is complementary to other therapeutic measures. It is a gentle and enjoyable method of work which can open up fascinating new areas of subtle work.

Sound Therapy cost per Level =  $295 ( + Tuning Forks Investment )

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