Terms and Conditions


Ecole Setsuko reserves the right to amend or up-date the curriculum and/or syllabuses of all courses at any time without prior notice. All videos, manuals and materials, either printed, online or links provided cannot be copied, modified, shared and/or distributed by any means without prior written consent. Students will have access to all online material for up to 1 month after the end date of the course.


Ecole Setsuko awards certification on the successful completion of workshops for general interest for non-program students. Students registered for diploma programs will be issued a Diploma for each title completed -and- any appropriate transcripts or letters necessary for applying to a professional association. Additional certificates and/or diplomas can be printed at a cost. The diploma does not constitute a governmental license to practice. All courses offered in context of our training programs are for educational purposes only. It is the responsibility of the student to inquire into and adhere to local laws and regulations that govern the practice of natural therapies, wherever they intend to practice.

    1. Some online classes will be recorded, students will receive a notification before joining.
    2. All student emails will remain hidden until the first day of class, where upon consent, can be shared in a class email and other communications.
    3. Students will be required to have a google account and login to the Google Classroom to view lesson plans and download course notes. All assignments submitted through this platform is confidential and only the teacher can view/edit/comment on your work.
    4. Personal audio and video recordings will not be allowed.
    5. If you have a pre-existing health condition or limitation to receive body or energy work, it is your responsibility to inform all of your current teachers in a discreet manner, which will be held in confidentiality.
    6. Student progress reports may be discussed between their current teachers and the director, unless previously refused in writing from the student.


  1. Failure to remit scheduled payments (note: if payment plan is relevant) will result in dismissal.
  2. Failure to complete the end of year requirements can lead to dismissal unless a request for an extension has been approved.
  3. Diplomas will not be issued to Students who have an outstanding balance.
  4. Diplomas will not be issued to Students who have not met all academic and clinical requirements or who still have any outstanding academic and clinical requirements.
  5. Private tutoring is available for academic support (fees vary, depending on subject and tutor).
  6. Make up quizzes and exams are permitted with a valid doctor note or with written approval from the director, and is subject to a fee.
  7. Course books, study guides and course materials are also non-refundable for any reason.
  8. If the Student withdraws from the School within the 3 weeks drop period, all classes/workshops hours already taken will prorated and billed to the student, minus the deposit administrative fee. After that period, full payment will be charged.
  9. Any program student who does not complete the requirements of the course, will receive an Incomplete and will be responsible for making it up, and will be charged at the current rate.
  10. If the teacher is unavailable for a session date, they will inform you in advance and the session will be rescheduled to a time that is convenient for both parties. No reimbursement will be allowed for this type of rescheduling.
  11. If a course or workshop is cancelled or rescheduled for any reason, and the Student is unable to attend, the Student is eligible for full reimbursement without any penalty incurred. 
  1. Using the term Ecole Setsuko Graduate in any self-advertising or promotional materials, prior to receiving the Ecole Setsuko Diploma, will jeopardize a Student’s standing.
  2. The Student assumes all liability for any claims or outcomes as a result of materials or techniques learnt from the School.
  3. It is the Student’s responsibility to disclose any personal or medical condition that may impact working with others or on their own health.
  4. Certain aspects of this course/workshop may be therapeutic, but they do not constitute or replace therapy. Students are encouraged to seek appropriate professional help when necessary.

      Application and Terms of Agreement for “Instalment Payment Plan”

      Notre mission est de rendre ses cours et programmes aussi accessible que possible pour permettre à l’étudiant de commencer son / sa carrière en massothérapie. Nous offrons un calendrier de paiement par versements sans intérêt au cours du programme d’études; sous réserve d’approbation. Cet accord est un accord de prêt juridiquement contraignant entre Setsuko S.E.N.C. et l’étudiant ou d’un tuteur et / ou cosignataire.

      Our mission is to make its courses and programs as accessible as possible to enable the prospective student to begin his/her career in massage therapy. We offer an interest-free instalment payment schedule during the program of study; subject to approval. This agreement is a legally binding loan agreement between Setsuko S.E.N.C. and the student or guardian and/or co-signer.

      Je suis d’accord avec les modalités de paiement pour les cours enregistrés comme indiqué ci-dessus. Les diplômes seront accordés une fois tous les paiements / soldes sont payés en entier. Si un paiement est effectué en totalité et qu’il y a un cas d’annulation, un remboursement aura émis moins les frais d’annulation de 20%. Tous les chèques sans provision, refus sur les paiements par carte de crédit seront soumis à un supplément de 40 $. Le non-paiement des versements mensuels à temps peut entraîner la suspension de l’étudiant du cours et des frais de réintégration peuvent s’appliquer. Un numéro de carte de crédit valide sera requis comme garantie pour les paiements échelonnés ou cosignataire s’il n’est pas disponible. Si les étudiants abandonnent pendant le programme, les frais de scolarité seront calculés au prorata et la partie inutilisée des frais de scolarité sera remboursée sur les frais de scolarité payés, par ex. 30% du programme terminé entraînera un remboursement de 70% sur les frais de scolarité entièrement payés.

      Je comprends que les cours sont de courte durée et intensif nécessitant mon engagement à terminer les travaux, participé, arrivé à l’heure et d’assister à toutes les classes. L’absentéisme est autorisé à une seule classe par cours. Si l’absentéisme est répété, l’élève de répéter la classe à la prochaine session et retarder l’obtention de son diplôme final.

      À la réussite d’un programme, l’étudiant diplômé recevra un diplôme d’achèvement, ainsi qu’une copie certifiée conforme des relevés de notes et des notes des étudiants. La réussite des cours de formation continue aura ses propres certificats.

      J’accepte qu’en signant cet accord que je suis également d’accord pour recevoir des informations, des bulletins d’information, et les annonces par e-mail à partir de Setsuko Massage et École Setsuko.

      I agree to the terms of payment for the registered courses as stated above. Final diplomas are only issued by the school once all payments/outstanding balances are paid in full. If a payment is made in full and there is cause to cancel, a refund will be issued minus a 20% cancellation fee. All NSF cheques refused credit card payments will incur a $40 fee. Failure to pay monthly instalments on time may subject student to being suspended from the course, and a reinstatement fee may inccur. A valid credit card number will be required as a guarantee for instalment payments or co-signer if unavailable. If students drop out during the program, tuition fee will be prorated and the unused portion of tuition will be refunded on paid tuition, e.g. 30% of program completed will entail a 70% refund on tuitions that are fully paid.

      I understand that the courses are short and intensive thereby requiring my commitment to complete assignments, participate, arrive on time and attend all classes. Absenteeism is permitted to only ONE class per course. Repeated absenteeism will require the student to repeat the class at the next session and will delay obtaining one’s Final Diploma.

      At the successful completion of a program, the graduating student will receive a Diploma of Completion, along with a certified copy of student transcripts and grades. Successful completion of Continuing Education courses will have their own certificates.

      Cancellation Policies


      Refunded for classes not taken; minus 10% administrative fee

      • School will provide a 100% refund for workshops cancelled by the school. School will notify registrants 48 hours prior to the workshop start time.
      • If a registrant cancels a workshop with more than 48 hours notice, a refund or credit will be issued minus the deposit. If a registrant cancels with less than 48 hours notice or does not show up, no refund will be issued.
      • The above policies apply for pre-registered series of classes. Refunds or credits will not be issued for missed classes of a series.