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Acupressure Level 1

This introductory course will cover the theory and practise of acupressure in general and the Eight Extraordinary Meridians in particular. By the end of this course, students will be able to choose an appropriate extraordinary meridian to use in sessions with a client, while addressing the underlying emotional causes of imbalance.  

Duration: 60 credits

Cost: $540

Anatomy and Physiology
From micro to macro- this course follows traditional physiology starting with the study of the cell, organs, tissues, systems of the body and how they interrelate. Anatomy consists of identifying all the bones in the body, muscle origin and insertion, as well as hands on palpitation, and how they relate to therapeutic massage. Will also cover the major diseases that can affect the human body and how the role and application of massage can help in promoting balance, rehabilitation, and prevention.

Duration: 90 credits
Cost: $900

Chair Massage
This 2 day workshop will teach students how to give a 15-20 minute chair massage that targets the shoulders, neck and back that is popular in the corporate or event setting.   On site stage is included.

Duration: 30 credits
Cost: $250


Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, noninvasive manipulative technique which can improve the functioning of the central nervous system, eliminate the negative effects of stress, strengthen resistance and enhance overall well being.

Duration: 40 credits

Cost: $600

Champi Indian Head Massage
A Champi is an invigorating scalp massage designed to stimulate and refresh the individual. The word shampoo comes for the Hindi word Champi meaning head massage. This workshop will teach the basic routine for giving a 50 minute seated shoulder, neck, face and scalp massage. This technique can help reduce stress, headaches, tension and open the upper three chakras.

Duration: 15 credits
Cost: $125

Code of Ethics & Professional Aspects

The course will position the practice of massage therapy in the context of municipal and Quebec provincial laws.  Ethical issues related to this field will be explored and discussed as well as a detailed overview of the Code of Ethics sanctioned by the OCCPN.

The goal is to allow the student to develop his/her personal boundaries which help define the level of involvement and approach.  Massage therapists and natural health care professionals alike often deal with situations
and circumstances that have ethical parameters on many levels that will be covered in the
course workshop.

Duration: 30 credits

Cost: $350

Deep Tissue Massage
A type of massage which reaches structures far beneath the superficial fascia to relieve chronic muscle problems or injuries by breaking down adhesions and realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. Pre-requisite: Swedish Level I

Duration: 60 credits
Cost: $475

Flower Essences


Bach flower essences are used to help emotional suffering and clear static that can cause blockages on all levels. This course will give students insight on each flower remedy, its uses and indications. One full day is dedicated to observing the art of listening and case taking. Students will then have a chance to take a case while being supervised and receive advice and feedback from their peers.

Duration: 24 credits

Cost: $280

Holistic Supervision
The modality we use in our interactions with clients is really only the tip of the iceberg. The way we hold space for our clients, and witness all that comes into that space; our willingness to honor all aspects of our relationship; this is the hallmark of a truly holistic practice. This means that we may have to connect with parts of ourselves, the client or the world, we might prefer to ignore, deny or censor. It may be that what heals both parties is the simple willingness to be aware and accepting of what is. In this class we will create a safe container where together we can explore, experience, name, honor and hold all that is present in this most sacred of relationship.

Duration: 24 credits
Cost: $180

Introduction to Shiatsu *pre-requisite for Full Program

Will cover the principles of Shiatsu, including pressure, contact, body leverage and presence, through the 12 primary meridians. By the end of this session the student will learn how to give a full body (general) kata. This course can be taken alone, or as part of the full certification.

Duration:  15 credits

Cost:  $165

Pre-Natal Massage
Prenatal massage shares many of the goals of regular massage ­– to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility, and just make you feel good. But it’s also tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies, and therapists who are trained in prenatal massage adjust their techniques accordingly.

Duration:  30 credits
Cost:  $250

SOUND THERAPY (15 hours per level) (3 levels)

This is a three level intensive program working with Musical Tuning forks – aluminium and stainless steel. Light, color and sound are partners within the hierarchy of the creative process. Harmonic sound, both audible and vibrational can locate and resolve energetic disharmony. This modality supports balance and is complementary to other therapeutic measures. It is a gentle and enjoyable method of work which can open up fascinating new areas of subtle work.

Duration: 30 credits

Cost: $275

Swedish Massage

Level One- We will cover the basics in anatomy and physiology as it relates to therapeutic massage and its application.  Students will work hands on with muscles, body systems and fluids through various strokes.  This type of massage is good for improving circulation, removing toxins from the system, and for general well-being and relaxation.


Duration:  190 credits

Cost:  $1490

Level Two- This class offers more advanced strokes, stretching, trigger point release, sports massage and injury work.  A large portion of this course will be hands on practice, case studies, pathology, clinics and supervision.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Level 1

This 12 week course will explore the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine in theory and then applied to case studies. It will cover tongue and pulse readings using the principles in order to evaluate the whole person.

Duration:  60 credits

Cost:  $540

Acupressure Level 2

This course will cover the 12 meridians (pathways, point location, therapeutic use of acupoints) and various types of acupressure treatments: five elements, antique points, tending-muscular, body armouring, mental-emotional, Gua Sha and more. By the end of the course, the students will be able to choose powerful point combinations in order to treat a wide range of disharmonies and be able to use moxibustion effectively. Students will also be refining the myriad components that will make the art of acupressure their own. 

Duration: 200 credits

Cost: $2070

Business and Marketing
This course is designed for the massage and naturotherapist specifically on how to file their tax returns as an independent contractor, wage worker, or sole proprietor.  They will put together a business plan; work with bookkeeping, marketing and advertising- exploring the different mediums from social media, print advertisements, flyers, brochures, business cards, and the elevator pitch.  Comprehensive training and practical assignments will be a large part of training. This course will have a holistic approach following the guide 5 Elements for Living which focuses on leadership, profits and balance.

Duration: 36 credits
Cost: $250

This course will demystify the chakra systems and how it relates to the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of balance and dis-ease.

Duration: 24 credits
Cost: $280

Supervised Clinic

The school will open its doors offering subsidized sessions within the community, giving students a chance to practise their technique in a professional setting, observe the intake process and learn how to formulate a therapeutic plan over the span of 4 weeks. This will be supervised by the teacher while providing support and confidence for the students.

Duration: 50 credits

Cost: $600

Developing Intuition
There are many types of higher sense perception including body awareness, feelings and psychic senses, the mind, awareness without thought, Soul and Oversoul purpose, and spiritual perception. This course will develop the intuition and the higher psychic senses through personal experiences, by bridging the psychic to the intuitive, from mental to the spiritual, intuition and initiation.  Intuition will be explored through the auric field, development of the chakras, psychological functions, and from the 5 senses.  We will also explore paradigms for the levels of existence, the evolutionary path, and their link to the development of sense perception.

Duration: 24 credits

Helping Relations and Interview Techniques 

The student will develop techniques and core abilities in helping relations as it directly applies to massage and learn how to communicate, gather and manage relevant information about one’s client.

A commitment by the student will be required to follow a personal path of self-discovery and awareness, recognize one’s limits and boundaries and distinguish one’s role as a therapist from that of a psychotherapist. 

Through the aid of frank group discussions and exercises where the student will alternately play the roles of both the therapist and the client, the latter will help the student understand his own personal needs, develop listening skills and empathy.


Duration: 45 credits

Cost: $350

Holistic Nutrition
This course covers the basics of nutrition from a holistic perspective, from nutrients to vitamins and minerals and their uses in the body. The digestive tract will be reviewed as well as the functions and symbolic meanings of each organ.  Different types of diets will be discussed in detail to give students a framework and mainstream perspective.

Duration: 36 credits
Cost: $295

Hot Stone Massage
The exact date of the history of hot stones varies. Some say hot stones as far back date back to 6500 B.C. in China.  Nonetheless, this ancient massage combines the use of hot and cold volcanic rocks with the soothing strokes of Swedish massage. Students will learn how to give a full body hot stone massage, its benefits on all of the systems, and how to prepare and care for the stones. Basic Chakra placement and essential oils will be taught as well. Pre-requisite: Swedish Level I or Introduction to Swedish Massage

Duration: 30 credits
Cost: $250

Learn about all the natural herbs that grow native to Quebec and their healing properties.  Part of this class is a lecture; the other part is exploratory; as a guide takes the students on a nature walk.

Duration: 24 credits
Cost: $250

Introduction to Swedish Massage *pre-requisite for Full Program
We will cover the basic principles of Swedish Massage, including strokes, body leverage and draping. Some theory is included. By the end of this session the  student will be able to give a 1hour relaxing massage. This course can be taken alone, or as part of the full certification.

Duration:  15 credits
Cost:  $165


In this interactive course, the student is sensitized to real-life problems and situations that massage therapists may encounter in the course of their professional practice. The student will gain a heightened awareness in knowing the distinction between sexuality, affection, touch, intimacy and nudity.

Through Introspection of one’s personal values in relation to sexuality, the student will also learn how to understand personal boundaries while working in massage therapy and how to clearly communicate objectives. The course requires the active participation of the student in role-playing scenarios of a sexual nature that may arise during one’s massage practice.

Duration: 45h

Cost: $450


This technique originates from Japan and literally means ‘finger pressure’

Level One– Students will learn about yin and yang energies as well as the five elements. We will cover the twelve traditional meridians, their pathways, both energetically and anatomically, as well as their function and specific acupressure points. Stretching, breathing, and self care exercises will be an important part of this course.

Duration:  190 credits

Cost:  $1490

Level Two– In this advanced course, students will continue to explore the energies of the meridiens, expand their use of points, learn deep stretching methods, execute seamless transitions, and learn the barefoot kata.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Level 2

A 48 hour course on the use of Chinese dietetics and herbal patented formulas based on the refined skills and principals acquired in level 1. This will allow the students to consolidate their knowledge in a practical way in order to understand the energy of foods and herbs, while enabling them to formulate suggestions for their clients. 

Duration: 90 credits

Cost: $720

Holistic Therapies that Heal, from the inside, out.


supervised student clinic

Monday's 1pm - 5pm


$30 per session - given by student,
supervised by teacher Marjorie Silcolff.


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What can Acupressure help?

Any imbalances that lead to;

·         Physical pain

·         Digestive disorders

·         Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia

·         Migraines

·         PMS, Fertility issues, Menopause

·         Spiritual and emotional unrest

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Sound Therapy Level 1

Sound Therapy Level 1

This is a three level intensive program working with Musical Tuning forks – aluminum and stainless steel. Light, color and sound are partners within the hierarchy of the creative process. Harmonic sound, both audible and vibrational can locate and resolve energetic disharmony. This modality supports balance and is complementary to other therapeutic measures. It is a gentle and enjoyable method of work which can open up fascinating new areas of subtle work.

Sound Therapy cost per Level =  $295 ( + Tuning Forks Investment )

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