Craniosacral Diploma

Studying Craniosacral Therapy at Ecole Setsuko provides students with a deep understanding of the craniosacral system and its vital role in overall health. Through expert guidance and hands-on experience, you’ll learn to detect and release restrictions, promoting the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Our curriculum emphasizes a compassionate and intuitive approach to healing, empowering students to connect deeply with their clients and foster true well-being. At Ecole Setsuko, you’ll be part of a nurturing learning environment, encouraging personal growth and self-awareness.

Whether you’re a massage therapist, bodyworker, or healthcare professional, our Craniosacral Therapy program offers an exceptional opportunity to expand your healing toolkit. Join us at Ecole Setsuko and discover the transformative potential of Craniosacral Therapy, enriching your practice and touching lives through the power of gentle, hands-on healing.

Core Classes

HR1-PROProfessional Ethics / Deontology / Legal Aspects30
HR1-SESexuality and professional practice45
HR1-HRHelping Relations30
HR1-INInterview Techniques & Recording Keeping15
NU-ANAnatomy and Physiology90
SW-AN1Anatomy 145
SW-PPPhysiology & Pathology45

Craniosacral Bundle

CR-INTCraniosacral Certificate Student Orientation 
CR-MD1Craniosacral Level 1 – Theory15
CR-CL1Craniosacral Level 1 – Clinic15
CR-MD2Craniosacral Level 2 – Theory15
CR-CL2Craniosacral Level 2 – Clinic15
CR-MD3Craniosacral Level 3 – Theory15
CR-CL3Craniosacral Level 3 – Clinic15
CR-MD4Craniosacral Level 4 – Theory30
CR-MD4Craniosacral Level 4 – Clinic5
CR-BUSBusiness of Craniosacral, Charting and Making Links30
CR-CL4Clinical Application5
CR-EXExams and Supervision30
CR-MD4Forum Discussions30
CR-CL4Guided Review and Integration15
CR-MEDMeditation for Craniosacral Practitioners5
CR-MEMentorship Call5
CR-PHYPhysiology: Nervous System & Fascia System6
CR-PGPost Grad0

Regular Price: CA$2,640.00

Student Price: CA$2,400.00

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