Unlock the healing power of nature and ancient traditions with our Eastern Meets Western Double Diploma program at Ecole Setsuko. Dive into the world of Herbalism, Holistic Nutrition, and TCM Massage, and embark on a transformative journey that blends centuries-old wisdom with modern holistic practices.

In this comprehensive program, you’ll gain deep insights into Herbalism, discovering the secrets of nature’s remedies to promote well-being and vitality. Our Holistic Nutrition curriculum will empower you to harness the nourishing potential of food as medicine, promoting health from the inside out.

Experience the art of TCM Massage, where you’ll learn the ancient techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine to harmonize mind, body, and spirit. This fusion of Eastern and Western knowledge equips you with a unique skill set that’s in high demand in today’s wellness industry.

At Ecole Setsuko, our expert instructors and hands-on training ensure you graduate with confidence, ready to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives through the power of holistic healing. Whether you aspire to be a wellness practitioner or simply want to enhance your personal well-being, our Double Diploma program is your gateway to a balanced, healthy future. Embrace Eastern wisdom with Western science and join us at Ecole Setsuko today. Your journey to holistic excellence begins here.

TCM-MD1Acupressure – Extraordinary Meridians90.00
TCM-MD2Acupressure – Organ Meridians Treatment and Protocals175.00
SW-AN1Anatomy 145.00
TCM-MD1-THBody Analysis, Constitutions & Genetics30.00
CHIChi Nei Tsang100.00
CLClinic / Case Studies90.00
CUPEast / West Cupping30.00
HR1-HRHelping Relations30.00
HR1-INInterview Techniques & Recording Keeping15.00
REFMeridian Reflexology100.00
MIRMirroring and Imaging15.00
SW-PPPhysiology & Pathology45.00
HR1-PROProfessional Ethics / Deontology / Legal Aspects30.00
HR1-SESexuality and professional practice45.00
TCM-MD1-THTraditional Chinese Medicine 1 – Acupressure Theory72.00
TCM-MD2-THTraditional Chinese Medicine 2 – Acupressure Theory96.00
TUITuina Massage150.00
BMBusiness and Marketing30.00
CSCase Studies90.00
NU-BIOCellular Biology and Biochemistry of Nutrients60.00
NU-ECOEcology of Food80.00
FLOFlower Essence60.00
HB-BASHerbology 1 – Introduction to Herbology80.00
HB-CYCHerbology 2 – Life Cycles120.00
HB-SYSHerbology 3 – Body Systems120.00
NU-ANHolistic Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology30.00
NU-PATIntegrative Pathology120.00
MUSIntroduction to Mushrooms30.00
WHE-INTIntroduction to Western Herbalism Energetics30.00
NU-RESLiterature and Research30.00
NU-LCNutrients and Life Cycles90.00
NU-SYMNutritional Symptomatology150.00
RECProfessional Record Keeping, Ethics and Deontology15.00
NU-CL1Supervised Clinic150.00

Regular Price: CA $16,175

Student Price: CA $13,000

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