Frequently Asked Questions

We offer many workshops that are general interest or advanced courses for therapists, we also offer diploma programs in Swedish Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Acupressure / TCM and Naturopathy.

Depending on the modality it can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months to finish a full program. Come and meet on of our student advisors and we can sit down and look at what your goals are and help you plan out your schedule.

Unfortunately, the government will not offer student loans for students registered at private institutions, we do offer in house payment plans to help our students. Contact our student advisors if you would like more information about payment plans through our school.

Throughout the whole training you will work on other students and teachers, the final step to graduation is clinic, where you will start to take real clients while being supervised. This will give you the opportunity to practice while knowing someone is there to help you if needed. Finding work once you have graduated is very easy, you have the option to start your own business or work for a SPA or center. Once you have graduated you can apply to one of the many associations, we are affiliated with to receive your insurance receipts.

Ecole Setsuko would like to see all our students do well, if you ever feel like you are struggling with a class, please come and see us, we can sit down and review what is holding you back, or how we can help support you. We do also offer private tutoring if needed.

We are a small school, we believe in small classes so that each student receives the individual attention they need, We do not work on a one way structure, We understand everyone learns differently and at different paces, for example you could be an amazing student, learns quickly, homework always done but come exam time you go blank, we understand that and will work with our students to find a solution for them. We are also a holistic based school, we want to do more then just teach you a new profession, we want to help you evolve to a new way of thinking and living. Working in a holistic field is much more then learning a new technique, we strive to bring out the best in you and offer you an open and safe space for self-discovery along this journey. We also pride ourselves on the quality of education, we seek out the best of the best in our teachers, our teachers have many years’ experience and have a true passion for what they are teaching. For our school we will never sacrifice the quality of education just to turn out graduates. You are more then a number at Ecole Setsuko you are a part of a family.

Our cancelation policy is outlined in our Terms & Conditions here.