Life & Health Through the Lens of TCM, free talks offered by Ecole Setsuko
ES Winter Summit 2020 (Saturday December 19th 12pm – 6pm) Zoom Webinar 

12pm – Health Cultivation this Winter- how to optimize your health with acupressure 

1pm- Introduction to TCM Etymology- living in harmony with self and others 

2pm- Chinese Dietetics and Case Studies- discover how to heal with Chinese flavors 

3pm- Interview w/ Marjorie Silcoff- her journey to a successful acupressure practice 

4pm- The Five Elements – understand your personality type and enhance your life 

5pm- Live Q&A + giveaways 

This afternoon of TCM talks will demonstrate how accessible, easy to apply, integrative, powerful, and in harmony with self/other/environment these ancient teachings are, and bringing them into modern times. We will also highlight the professional aspect of this work and how it complements so many other forms of alternative medicine. 

Talk Topics and Descriptions

12pm: Health Cultivation this Winter – how to optimize your health with acupressure – this talk with ES director Jenni Lee, will cover the basic principles of yin/yang theory and the 5 elements – focusing on the Winter season and building your immune system… what type of disharmonies/symptoms show up in the Winter, and practical ways to tonify your vitality through foods, exercises, acupressure, and lifestyle. 

1pm: TCM Etymology – how disease develops according to the principles of TCM – teacher Heather Allice will talk about how our internal and external environments influence all parts of our well being, including health and dis-ease, energy and vitality. 

2pm: Introduction to Chinese Dietetics and Case Studies – in following her fall summit talk, teacher Janine Maila will go deeper into how the flavors and actions of foods have a direct impact on chronic health issues, and how to use them to bring balance back into your life.  She will cover the principles of Central Diet + present a few case studies related to acupressure and Chinese dietetics. 

3pm: Interview with ES Acupressure Program Director Marjorie Silcoff… discover Marjorie’s journey with acupressure and how she developed a successful private practice and student clinic. For anyone thinking about a career in alternative medicine, this talk will demonstrate the student pathway, along with all the tools necessary to offer a holistic approach and support your clients on all levels. 

5pm: The Five Elements – Understand your personality type and enhance your life. Natalie Palmer, TCM fanatic and lifetime learner, will share an interactive elemental personality quiz + tips to work with and embody your element type. 

6pm: Complete the day with Live Q&A, along with a grand prize giveaway, not to be missed!