Signs you need a liver cleanse:

Irritability/Anger/Frustration – Fatigue – Depression – Nausea – Headaches – Heightened allergies/hay fever – Eye pain – Pain in right side under rib cage (liver area) or around the shoulder blades – General tension and body aches – Neck pain

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms there are remedies that can help cleanse your liver, boost your immune system, and increase your metabolism.  It is ideal to seek the help of a Naturopath that will guide you on your path towards wellness.

Because spring is when the liver is most active, you may notice such symptoms are worse.   The liver is the body’s center for detoxification with a chemical system for neutralizing and excreting drugs, hormones, alcohol and other toxins.

Unfortunately our livers are often overwhelmed with high toxin levels. When overburdened, the liver can’t balance hormones, burn fat, or eliminate caffeine so you can sleep at night. An overburdened liver can affect our moods as well.

Here are some everyday dietary strategies that can help detoxify your liver:

  • Avoid fried foods, margarine, and heated corn, safflower and sunflower oils.
  • Simmer, poach or boil in water or broth, adding butter or olive oil at the end of cooking.
  • Meats and dairy from commercial feedlots also contain hormones and pesticide residues. Instead choose free-range poultry and grass fed meats.

Steps to begin your Spring Cleanse:

  • Reduce stress (try yoga, massages, and walks in nature)
  • Reduce plastic use (food stored in plastic, especially microwaved or heated in plastic)
  • Avoid chemical cleaners (use lemon juice, baking soda, and vinegar
  • Avoid alcohol, coffee and tobacco
  • Avoid bad fats: margarine, vegetable oils, fried foods
  • Give your body time off and lots of rest
  • Give your liver a nice cleanse then find out what foods your body needs (with the Daphne Lab food intolerance test) to continue giving your body the right foods

 This process can take anywhere between 7-14 days.  Once you have eliminated all of the liver damaging foods and habits, then you can start your cleanse either in the form of juicing, teas, and raw food.  Once complete, you can slowly start adding back cooked foods and mindful eating.