East meets West… Double Diploma Recognition in NATUROPATHY AND ACUPRESSURE (RITMA; Quebec only)

1) Massage Therapist; specialization in Acupressure 

2) Naturopath; specialization in Traditional Chinese Medicine

This is our most popular diploma program giving graduates a wide scope to practice from. For those looking to explore the Eastern philosophies and traditions, this double diploma offers the both of both worlds. Through the use of specific evaluation tools such as tongue and pulse readings, students will learn how to assess a person’s imbalances through ba gang and 5 elements theories in order to restore balance and optimal wellness in the individual.

Advanced level clinics are available to help students gain hands on practice while under the supervision of the teacher.



  • Cycle 1: Spring/Summer
    • Ecology of Food
    • Cellular Biology and Biochemistry of Nutrients
    • Mind Body Connection
    • Introduction to Herbology
    • Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology
  • Cycle 2: Fall/Winter
    • Nutrients and Life Cycles
    • Nutritional Symptomatology
    • Literature and Research
    • Herbology – Life Cycles
    • Herbology – Body Systems
  • Cycle 3: Spring/Summer
    • Pathology and Nutrition
    • Clinic and Case Studies
    • Business and Marketing
    • Professional Record Keeping, Ethics and Deontology
  • Cycle 4: Fall/Winter
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine 1
    • Acupressure 1
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine 2
    • Helping Relations/Sexuality/Code
  • Cycle 5: Spring/Summer
    • Acupressure 2
    • Flower Essence
    • Reflexology
  • Cycle 6: Fall/Winter
    • Mirroring and Imaging
    • Allergy Clearing
    • Supervised Clinic and Supervision
    • Case Studies and Integration

Total Credit Hours: 1744 Hrs