Homeopathy 1st Aid & Acute Conditions **ONLINE**

Join Dot Wojakowski in a comprehensive exploration of Homeopathy for First Aid and Acute Conditions. Discover the holistic principles and clinical approach of homeopathic medicine, empowering you to confidently apply homeopathic remedies in emergencies, injuries, and acute health conditions.

This live course provides ample case examples, bringing the application of homeopathy first aid to life. Access weekly recordings for asynchronous learning. Gain insights into the origins, principles, and whole person approach of homeopathy, and learn to match 30-50 remedies to symptoms of distress, from injuries to acute ailments like muscle tension, sprain, headache, concussions, shock, nose bleeds, digestive, menstrual, motion sickness and grief.

This practical course emphasizes unbiased listening and observation, ensuring you select the most appropriate remedy based on individual symptoms. Elevate your practice with Dot Wojakowski’s expertise and delve into the effectiveness of homeopathy backed by high-quality evidence.

Mondays 6pm – 9pm
February 19 – June 17, 2024
(no class Mar 4, 11 / Apr 1, 8 / May 13, 20)

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Homeopathy 1st Aid & Acute Conditions with Dot Wojakowski

This course will introduce students to Homeopathic Medicine for First Aid and Acute Conditions, its holistic principles and clinical approach. Specifically, the course will empower you to use homeopathic remedies in a broad range of emergencies, injuries and acute health conditions while also remaining abundantly aware of when to seek medical attention in a hospital emergency setting or from a doctor.

Homeopathic remedies are inexpensive and readily available, making homeopathy economically accessible. The course will include ample case examples to bring the application of homeopathy first aid to life.

While more research is needed in homeopathy, high-quality evidence shows that homeopathy works and the existing data is not consistent with homeopathy as a placebo effect. Where applicable, current homeopathic research (double-blind RCTs, large-scale retrospective cohort studies, observational studies, veterinary and agrohomeopathy research, etc.) will be presented.

Building upon a foundation that explains the origins and principles of homeopathy and its whole person approach, students will discover the fundamental characteristics of 30-50 homeopathic remedies and how to match them to the symptoms of someone (or a non-human animal) who is experiencing distress from either an injury or acute ailment, such as motion sickness, grief, jet lag or post-surgery recovery.

Students will have the opportunity to practice selecting an appropriate homeopathic remedy, along with appropriate timing, in a first aid or acute situation knowing that the best choice evaluates the individual’s physical and mental-emotional symptoms and experience. Like a detective, you will cultivate unbiased listening and observation by being present, as in homeopathy it’s critical we refrain from making any assumptions or interpretations.

Mondays 6pm – 9pm
February 19 – June 17, 2024
(no class Mar 4, 11 / Apr 1, 8 / May 13, 20)