Nutritherapy Naturopath Diploma

Become a recognized Nutritherapist / Naturopath in Quebec. Nutritherapy Naturopath Diploma will provide practical knowledge based on current research and scientific studies on Western nutrients and herbs while emphasizing the holistic and energetic aspects of our relationship to food. Our clinic level will provide students with the confidence and experience to work with clients in this field. 



    • Cycle 1: Spring /Summer
      • Ecology of Food
      • Cellular Biology and Biochemistry of Nutrients
      • Mind Body Connection
      • Introduction to Herbology
      • Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology
    • Cycle 2: Fall/Winter
      • Nutrients and Life Cycles
      • Nutritional Symptomatology
      • Literature and Research
      • Herbology – Life Cycles
      • Herbology – Body Systems
      • Helping Relations, Sexuality, Code of Ethics
    • Cycle 3: Spring/Summer
      • Pathology and Nutrition
      • Clinic and Case Studies
      • Business and Marketing
      • Professional Record Keeping, Ethics and Deontology
      • Introduction to Ayurveda Nutrition
      • Introduction to Mushrooms
      • Flower Essence

    Total Credit Hours: 1156 Hrs