Shiatsu Certificate

Do you have a passion for Eastern Medicine and a love of bodywork? In this in-depth program, you will not only learn Shiatsu, but you will graduate with a deep understanding of the body and the meridian system as well as a good knowledge of how to identify the disharmonies that are present using tools learnt in Traditional Chinese medicine. Register today or book a student meeting for more information

Shiatsu therapy is an ancient healing art that uses finger pressure along meridian lines to help restore the body’s natural harmony and healing abilities. This session is traditionally done fully clothed on a futon mat but can also be adapted to a table. Our goal is to bring awareness and balance through pressure, breathing, stretching and lifestyle suggestions.

The method taught follows the tradition of Zen Shiatsu from the master Shizuto Masunaga, who was very interested in 5 element theory and psychodynamics of the energy meridians. Students will learn how to use various parts of their bodies to give pressure, including the elbows, knees and feet.

In level 1, students will learn What is a meridian and how does it function? Meridians are referred to more and more in many non-traditional forms of bodywork and energy techniques. A complete understanding of its pathways, areas of influence and tsubo points will greatly enhance the student’s appreciation of the ‘whole body’ energy systems and how that relates to health and dis-ease.

In level 2, students will learn about all the components of the 5 elements and how they relate to each other and our environment. We will examine different possible patterns of disharmony and how they show up as symptoms in the body or energy field. Reviewing the meridians in alternate positions will give students a more profound experience of how the energy feels in the body. Katas and deep stretches that target ailments will also be covered.

In level 3, students will be able to integrate all of their knowledge and put it into practice in our advanced student clinics. They will also learn more advanced stretches, mobilizations, transitions and the barefoot shiatsu kata.


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  • Level 1: Meridians
  • Level 2: Elements
  • Level 3: Katas
  • Supervised Clinic and Integration
  • Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology *CORE CLASS
  • Helping Relations, Sexuality, Code of Ethics *CORE CLASS

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