Sound Therapy Certificate

Sound Therapy: This intensive program teaches how to work with Musical Tuning forks – aluminum and stainless steel, along with the principles of Spiritual Psychodynamics, which are the foundations of this sound work brought to us through Peter Goldman in the 1980’s.

Light, color and sound are partners within the hierarchy of the creative process. Harmonic sound, both audible and vibrational can locate and resolve energetic disharmony.

This modality supports balance and is complementary to other therapeutic measures. It is a gentle and enjoyable method of work which can open up fascinating new areas of subtle work.

In learning this way of working with Sound and Therapeutic Tuning Forks, you are choosing a modality which can both stand on its own or be a team player, supporting and even facilitating the effects of other modalities.

This work engages with the very nature of the body which is designed to be a self-maintaining organism always oriented towards homeostasis, i.e. health. Health is harmony and balance between many different systems and processes.

Our instruments:

We use two different types of tuning forks to do our work. The aluminium forks work on the body through resonance. In Level One we learn simple ways to encourage the body to let go of daily stressors. Energetically, this static energy will alter the crispness or duration of the sound produced by the tuning forks.  Our resonating forks will sweep this dross away, restore aliveness, deeper sleep, and enhance speed of recovery.

A second set of vibrating stainless steel forks (used in Level Two) allows us to address the body more specifically by regarding it as a scale. Various  organs and systems and various levels each possess a key note. Sound vibration can act as a gentle reminder, helping the body to reinstate and restore its own optimal functioning. 

In this second level we begin to recognize compensation the body has entered into in response to injuries or illnesses. We help the body remember its true nature. 

To support the development of intuition and the expansion of inner and outer senses, we will learn to draw auras and interpret the meaning of the energy lines we will capture. We will become curious about where our eyes are drawn when first meeting our client, or learn to honour where our hand would like to touch. Some of us will receive images or hear words or sounds. We will support each student into finding their own way, discovering their own language to communicate with the reality beyond the visible and the audible . 

The third level of Sound work takes us into trauma work, but also ancestral lineage work. We carry the vestiges of events that belong to us through our history, in both a personal and impersonal way, in both an individual and a collective way. These spiritual dimensions are accessible through the sound work and are often beyond the spoken word. They awaken in the sacred space the sound practitioner and the client finds themselves in, both creating a new harmonious system. 

At present there are three levels of sound work, each followed by practicums and the writing up of case studies. These are designed and intended to support the development of the student’s inner senses and their ability to both use the protocols while in touch with their own and their client’s body-mind-soul.

Level I aluminium forks  – 3 case study – 3 practicum ( 30 hours)

Level II stainless steel forks – 4 case study – 3 practicum (37 hours)

Level III Ohm tuners + angel forks – 5 case study – 4 practicum (43 hours)

Total: 110 hours


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  • Sound Therapy Level 1, 2, 3
  • Sound Practicum and Supervision
  • Energetic Anatomy and Physiology *CORE CLASS
  • Helping Relations, Sexuality and Professional Code *CORE CLASS

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