Become a recognized massage therapist or naturopath in Quebec. Our on site teaching clinic provides affordable sessions within the community, while giving students the experience and confidence to succeed in this field.

Acupressure & Chinese Energetic Medicine

Predates acupuncture by 1000 years.

This state of the art program will prepare students to become competent practitioners in the holistic field.

In this 18-month program, students will learn tongue and pulse diagnosis, ba gang, 5 elements, extraordinary meridians, 12 meridians, moxa, guan-sha, flower essences, developing intuition and herbology. These hours meet the criteria of professional Quebec associations under the title of massage therapy or natural therapy.

Advanced level is available to help students gain hands on practice on clinical case studies while under the supervision of the teacher.

Become a practitioner in the holistic field.

Acupressure Certificate
400 hrs

  • Chinese Energetic Medicine Level I and II
  • Acupressure Level I and II

Acupressure Program 
Diploma in Massage Therapy 1000 hrs

  • Chinese Energetic Medicine Level I and II
  • Acupressure Level I and II
  • Anatomy and Physiopathology
  • Helping Relations/Sexulaity/Code of Ethics
  • Case Study
  • Flower Essence
  • Mirroring/Imaging Acupressure
  • Clinic and Holistic Supervision
  • Advanced Clinic 

Naturopath Program
Diploma in Naturopathy 1,300+ hrs

  • Meets all requirements of Acupressure Program
  • Herbology I, II, III
  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Nutritional Sciences
  • Holistic Supervision
  • Personal Development
  • Advanced Clinic and Case Studies

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses a system of long gliding strokes, kneading, friction, percussive, and shaking motions or vibration techniques on the more superficial layers of muscles. Swedish massage is intended to vibrate glands and organs as well as move lymph. This is considered to be one of the most popular types of massage.

It is primarily for full-body sessions and promotes general relaxation. It is effective for most ailments, because massaging the skin, the body’s largest organ, sets up a chain reaction that produces a positive effect on all layers and systems of the body. It affects the nerves, muscles, glands, and circulation, and promotes health and well-being. Swedish massage also relieves muscle tension, reduces anxiety, strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation, detoxifies, balances the nervous system, and facilitates states of deep relaxation that may open a door to the soul and spirit in the process. 

LEVEL 1 – Swedish Massage Practitioner
Certificate in Massage Therapy 600 hrs

  • Introduction to Therapeutic Massage Techniques (15)
  • Swedish Level 1 (90)
  • Swedish Level 2 (190)
  • Anatomy and Physiopathology (90)
  • Helping Relations/Sexuality/Code of Ethics (120)
  • Supervised Clinic (70)
  • Case Studies (25)

LEVEL 2 – Swedish Massage Therapist 
Diploma in Massage Therapy 1,000+ hrs

Additional Technique

  • Acupressure (120)
  • Shiatsu (190)

ELECTIVE MASSAGE TECHNIQUES: Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Chair Massage, Champi, Craniosacral, Cupping, Deep Tissue, Gua Sha, Hot Stone, Intro to Thai Yoga, Lymphatic Drainage, Prenatal, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Sound Therapy, Table Shiatsu 

Shiatsu Therapist Program

Shiatsu is an ancient healing art that uses finger pressure along meridien lines to help restore the bodies natural harmony and healing abilities. This session is traditionlly done fully clothed on a futon mat, but can be adapted to a table as well. Through the use of pressure, breathing, stretching and lifestyle suggestions, our goal is bring awareness and balance.

The method taught follows the tradition of Zen Shiatsu from the master Shizuto Masunaga, who was very interesterd in 5 element theory and psychodynamics of the energy meridiens.  Students will learn how to use various parts of their bodies in order to give pressure, including the elbows, knees and feet (barefoot shiatsu). Level 2 will also focus on bigger mobilizations, stretches, and structural katas.

Shiatsu Massage Therapist
Diploma in Massage Therapy 1000 hrs

  • Introduction to Therapeutic Massage Techniques (15)
  • Shiatsu 1- Meridians (90)
  • Shiatsu 2- Elements (100)
  • Shiatsu 3- Katas (100)
  • Anatomy and Physiopathology (90)
  • Helping Relations / Sexuality / Code of Ethics (120)
  • Supervised Clinic (60)
  • Case Studies (25)
  • Acupressure 1-2 (260)
  • Chinese Energetic Medicine 1-2 (140)


Need more help to decide which courses to take?

Elective Courses

  • Aromatherapy
  • Body Wisdom
  • Business and Marketing
  • Care for the Caregiver
  • Chair Massage
  • Chakra
  • Champi Indian Head Massage
  • Color Therapy


  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Deep Tissue
  • Developing Intuition
  • Flower Essences
  • Herbology
  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Multi-Dimensional Pathology & Nutrition
  • Personal Development (PD)
  • Pre-Natal Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Sound Therapy
  • Soul Therapy
  • Spiritual Numerology
  • Table Shiatsu