Shiatsu Massage Diploma 600 Hour

Shiatsu 600-Hour Diploma Program

The Shiatsu 600-Hour Diploma Program offers an extensive and immersive curriculum designed for individuals pursuing expertise in the art and science of Shiatsu. This comprehensive program is structured to provide a deep understanding of Shiatsu therapy, along with essential knowledge in related fields.

Core Courses

  • Anatomy and Physiology: This course lays the foundation for understanding the human body’s structure and functions, essential for effective Shiatsu practice.

  • Clinic / Case Studies / Integration Shiatsu: Students will gain hands-on experience through clinical practice, engaging in case studies and integrating Shiatsu techniques in real-world scenarios.

  • Helping Relations / Sexuality / Code of Ethics: This course covers the interpersonal aspects of Shiatsu therapy, including professional boundaries, ethical considerations, and the integration of sexuality topics with sensitivity and professionalism.

  • Introduction to Shiatsu: An essential primer on Shiatsu, this course introduces the history, philosophy, and basic principles of this healing art.

  • Shiatsu 1: Meridian Theory: Delve into the meridian system, learning about the pathways of energy flow in the body and their significance in Shiatsu.

  • Shiatsu 2: Five Elements: This course explores the Five Elements theory from traditional Chinese medicine and its application in Shiatsu practice.

  • Shiatsu 3: Katas: Students will learn various Shiatsu techniques and sequences (Katas), focusing on their therapeutic applications and mastery.

Program Highlights

  • Practical and Theoretical Knowledge: The program combines rigorous theoretical instruction with practical hands-on training, ensuring a well-rounded mastery of Shiatsu.

  • Personal and Professional Development: Students will not only acquire technical skills but also develop the personal qualities essential for a compassionate and ethical Shiatsu practitioner.

  • Clinical Experience: The curriculum includes significant clinical training, providing students with the opportunity to apply their learning in practical settings and receive feedback from experienced practitioners.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the Shiatsu 600-Hour Diploma Program will be well-prepared to start their careers as Shiatsu therapists. They will have the skills and knowledge to work in various settings, such as wellness centers, health clinics, or private practice, and to provide holistic, non-invasive therapy that promotes physical and emotional well-being.



Price: CA $4,500 | $355 Monthly for 12 Months

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