Swedish Massage Diploma 1000 Hours

Experience a transformative journey with our Swedish Massage 1000HR Diploma, delving deep into the art of Swedish Massage. This comprehensive program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in massage therapy, blending theoretical knowledge with extensive hands-on training. Throughout the course, students will master the fundamental principles of Swedish Massage, including various massage strokes, anatomy, and client assessment. They will gain valuable skills in providing both relaxing and therapeutic treatments, effectively alleviating stress and promoting overall well-being. In addition to Swedish Massage techniques, students will have the opportunity to explore complementary modalities through our selection of 5 different bundles. 

This customizable approach enhances versatility as massage therapists, allowing you to become the therapist you aspire to be without the need to take classes that don’t interest you. Upon completing the Swedish Massage 1000HR Diploma, graduates will be well-prepared to pursue a rewarding career in the massage therapy industry. At Ecole Setsuko, we issue 2 certificates: one upon completing the base 400HR and another after the 1000HR Diploma. 

Start today by selecting your advanced bundle along with your base certificate or make this choice later as you gain clarity about your career direction. We understand the importance of financial flexibility, which is why we offer payment plans for all students. Contact us today to learn more about this life-changing opportunity. Begin your journey towards becoming a skilled and compassionate massage therapist, positively impacting the lives of others through the healing power of touch.

Core Classes

Cycle 1
HR1-HRHelping Relations30
HR1-INInterview Techniques & Recording Keeping15
SW-INTIntroduction to Swedish Massage0
SW-PPPhysiology & Pathology45
HR1-PROProfessional Ethics / Deontology / Legal Aspects30
HR1-SESexuality and professional practice45
SW-CL1Supervised Clinic30
SW-MD1Swedish 1190

PLUS Add one of the 600 Hour Bundles:

Relaxation Massage 600 HR Bundle

ACU-CEU Acupressure Massage Therapy 150
SW-AN2 Advanced Anatomy 60
CHA Champi Ayurvedic Head Massage 15
SW-CL2 Clinic / Case Studies / Integration Swedish 60
CUP East / West Cupping Techniques 30
HOT Hot Stone Massage Workshop 15
LYM Lymphatic Drainage 60
PRE Prenatal Massage 30
REF Reflexology 100
SW-MD2 Swedish 2 100

Student Price for 1000+ Hours: CA $8,000

Energetics Therapies 600 HR Bundle

CHAChampi Indian Head Massage15
SW-CL2Clinic / Case Studies / Integration Swedish60
CUPEast / West Cupping Techniques30
ENGEnergetic Anatomy & Physiology90
GROGrounding and Holding Space7
SW-MD2Swedish 2100

Student Price for 1000+ Hours: CA $8,000

Therapeutic Massage 600 HR Bundle

SW-AN2Advanced Anatomy60
SW-CL2Clinic / Case Studies / Integration Swedish60
CR-CERTCraniosacral Certificate200
DIADiaphgram Workshop15
MYODTM1- Myofasical Approach45
DTMDTM2- Deep Tissue Techniques60
CUPMyofascial Cupping30
NEUNeuroanatomy Assessements20
MOBPassive Mobilizations15
SPOSports Massage / Taping60
SW-MD2Swedish 2100
TRITrigger Points8

Student Price for 1000+ Hours: CA $8,500

Chinese Energetics 600HR Bundle

ACU-MD1Acupressure 190
ACU-MD2Acupressure 2175
ALLAllergy Clearing10
NU-CL2Clinic / Case Studies / Integration Acupressure90
CUPEast / West Cupping Techniques30
FLOFlower Essence36
MIRMirroring and Imaging10
TCM-MD1Traditional Chinese Medicine 172
TCM-MD2Traditional Chinese Medicine 296

Student Price for 1000+ Hours: CA $7,800

Shiatsu Massage Therapy 600HR Bundle

ACU-MD1Acupressure 190
CHIChi Nei Tsang100
SH-CL2Clinic / Case Studies / Integration Shiatsu90
SH-INTIntroduction to Shiatsu15
SH-MD1Shiatsu 1: Meridian Theory120
SH-MD2Shiatsu 2: Five Elements80
SH-MD3Shiatsu 3: Katas90
TCM-MD1Traditional Chinese Medicine 172

Student Price for 1000+ Hours: CA $7,000

Not Sure Which Bundle to Choose?