Swedish Massage Diploma 400 Hours

Swedish 400-Hour Diploma Program

The Swedish 400-hour diploma program offers a comprehensive and in-depth curriculum designed for aspiring massage therapists. This program integrates theoretical knowledge with practical skills, preparing students for a successful career in the field of massage therapy. Here’s an overview of the courses included in the program:

  • Anatomy: A detailed study of human anatomy, focusing on the musculoskeletal system, is vital for understanding massage techniques and their impact on the body.
  • Helping Relations: Training in building therapeutic relationships, emphasizing empathy, active listening, and effective communication skills.
  • Interview Techniques & Record Keeping: Instruction in conducting client interviews, maintaining accurate and confidential treatment records, and developing essential documentation skills.
  • Introduction to Swedish Massage: Fundamental principles and techniques of Swedish massage, including basic strokes, pressure application, and sequence of movements.
  • Physiology & Pathology: Exploring human physiology and common pathologies, providing insights into how massage therapy can support health and wellness.
  • Professional Ethics / Deontology / Legal Aspects: A thorough understanding of the ethical, deontological, and legal aspects of massage therapy practice, ensuring professional and lawful conduct.
  • Sexuality and Professional Practice: Addressing the topic of sexuality with sensitivity and professionalism, focusing on maintaining boundaries and upholding ethical standards in massage therapy.
  • Supervised Clinic: Practical, hands-on experience in a supervised clinical setting, allowing students to apply their learning and refine their massage techniques.
  • Swedish Level 1: Advanced techniques and applications of Swedish massage, building on the foundational skills to enhance therapeutic effectiveness.

This program is designed to not only impart technical skills but also to develop the personal and professional qualities essential for a successful massage therapist. Graduates will be well-equipped with the knowledge and practical experience to provide effective and ethical massage therapy services.

SCHEDULE: Fall Schedule (full time – 4 month program)  – DORVAL LOCATION

Price: CA $3,500 | $813 over 4 months payment plan

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