Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage Diploma

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage Diploma is a detailed 1000-hour program tailored for comprehensive education in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and massage techniques. Integrating ancient TCM modalities with modern massage practices, the program ensures a holistic understanding and skill set for students. The curriculum includes:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine 1 – Acupressure Theory: Introduces the foundational principles of TCM and their application in acupressure.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine 2 – Acupressure Theory: Advances in TCM theories and their further application in acupressure techniques.
  • Acupressure – Extraordinary Meridians (Level 1): Focuses on the extraordinary meridians, introducing basic acupressure treatment protocols.
  • Acupressure – Organ Meridians Treatment and Protocols (Level 2): Provides in-depth training in organ meridian acupressure, encompassing extensive treatment techniques and protocols.
  • Chi Nei Tsang: Specialized training in this unique abdominal massage technique integral to TCM.
  • Clinic / Case Studies: Offers hands-on clinical practice, allowing students to apply their knowledge in real-world settings.
  • East / West Cupping: Combines Eastern cupping traditions with Western methodologies.
  • Guasha: Training in Guasha therapy, a traditional scraping technique used in TCM.
  • Meridian Reflexology: Applies reflexology principles within the TCM meridian framework.
  • Mirroring and Imaging: Teaches techniques for diagnostic assessment in TCM through body mirroring and imaging.
  • Tuina Massage: Comprehensive training in Tuina, a traditional Chinese therapeutic massage form.


Core Classes:

  • Anatomy, Physiology, & Pathology: Fundamental courses covering human anatomy, physiological processes, and pathological conditions relevant to TCM and massage therapy.
  • Professional Ethics, Deontology, & Legal Aspects: Instruction on ethical, professional, and legal considerations critical to practicing TCM massage therapy responsibly and lawfully.
  • Sexuality and Professional Practice: Addresses issues of sexuality in the therapeutic setting with professionalism and adherence to ethical standards.


Program Highlights:

  • Extensive Training: Provides 1000 hours of in-depth instruction in both theoretical and practical aspects of TCM and massage.
  • Holistic Approach: Emphasizes the integration of traditional Chinese medicine theory with hands-on massage techniques.
  • Professional Development: Focuses on developing both technical skills and professional competencies essential for a successful TCM massage practice.


Career Prospects: Graduates are prepared to practice as TCM massage therapists, with opportunities in health clinics, wellness centers, or private practices. They will be capable of offering a range of TCM-based therapeutic services, utilizing a unique blend of traditional and contemporary techniques.

Price: CA $8,200 - Payment Plan Available to all students

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Great news from Ecole Setsuko! We’re expanding and adding an exciting new location on the West Island of Montreal while keeping our beloved NDG school going strong. This new spot is bigger, which means more space for all our students, awesome new workshops, and the opportunity to offer diplomas like Swedish Massage and Shiatsu more frequently. 🙌
We’re getting our new location ready and can’t wait to share photos with you in the coming week. To celebrate, we’re hosting an open house to welcome our students and introduce ourselves to our new neighbours. We’re all about community and providing quality education, just like we’ve been doing in NDG for almost 20 years.
Stay tuned for the open house dates; we’ll announce them as soon as we’re all set! We’re super excited about this new chapter and looking forward to meeting many new students.
Find us at the new address: 1564 Chem. Herron Suite 208, Dorval, QC H9S 1B7. It’s super convenient – right beside Pine Beach Train Station, a mere 30-second walk from the train, and the 211 bus stop is right in front of us! Plus, we’re just off Highway 20 with plenty of parking available.
We can’t wait to embark on this adventure with you all!