Our body is a reflection of nature.  Everything that exists inside of us manifests in our outer world as well. The same type of hologram is reflected on our hands, feet, and ears.  When we touch one part, another area reacts.  Everything is connected.  We can affect the movement of cells, organ function and energetic activity by pressing points along the body.

My first glimpse of reflexology was 30 years ago in a pediatrician`s office. My 18 month old brother had been constipated for over a week. I watched as the doctor pressed on the soles of his feet. Later that day, bowels moved.

Another example revealed during the birth of my first child. After giving 3 massages, and an endless walk home, me feet were killing me! I began to massage vigorously, digging my elbows and fists into my ankles and heel. I gained much needed relief. Little did I know I was stimulating the reproductive organs, which then put me into premature labor! All ended well in this story, but I soon realized that there was something more than just a “foot massage”.

That was when I discovered what reflexology is and how profoundly it can affect the body. I have been working with people’s hands, feet, and ears for the past decade, linking physical pain, system malfunctions, and organ depletion through specific points or reflexes and precise pressure on these areas.

It is my passion to share these ancient teachings and de-mystify the body-reflex map so that these simple techniques can help to relieve a wide range of ailments.

Simple pressures on the soles of the feet can help …

  • allergies
  • stimulate lymph
  • relieve teething, sinus or headache pain
  • assist with digestive disorders
  • constipation
  • chronic fatigue